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I created Optimal Coaching 4 years ago with the purpose of helping others develop their leadership skills and to reach their potential at work.  I believe that by creating the right culture, through great leadership, we can all have a better day at work!

It sounds easy but working in any leadership position, whether managing a small team in a large organisation or running your own small business is challenging!   

My clients are small business owners and other professionals in leadership positions.  I work with them to help them understand, focus on, and overcome their professional challenges.  As a leadership coach, I support professionals who want to develop their emotional intelligence or ‘soft skills’.

As a small business owner, we need to wear many hats – marketing, I.T., accounts, the list goes on!   We put in long hours and sometimes we may feel that we are not making sufficient progress. It can be a lonely position which carries a huge responsibility.  Through coaching, my clients gain focus, direction and clarity towards their next steps and identify the personal or professional obstacles that may have been preventing them from moving forward.

In larger organisations people are often promoted due to their technical ability; a great salesman is made sales manager, for example.  Whilst leading people comes naturally for some, for others, it is a skill that needs to be learned and developed, resulting in better communication, engagement and satisfaction at work.   Many of my clients are professionals who want to improve communication and engagement within their team and confidence in their leadership role.

I help my clients identify their natural strengths, as well as identify behaviours or ways of thinking that may be developed to help them reach their potential. When the team leader, supervisor or head of a department lead well, everyone has a better day at work!

I deliver one-to-one coaching sessions and offer an optional Personal Profile as part of the coaching package.  This profile highlights personal natural strengths and focusses on how these strengths can be used to develop personal leadership styles, which will help in running the business.

Profiling can also be used to enhance the recruitment process. Profiling candidates gives a business owner greater insight into their working style, their natural strengths and will even suggest how best to motivate and engage them in their new role.

I am based in Topsham and work with businesses in Exeter, Devon and Dorset.

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We are hugely excited to be part of the green movement in the South West.


Sunnyview Lodge, Clyst Road, Exeter, EX3 0DB

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8:30am – 5:30pm 


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Happy Customers

“Aline is a very engaging and passionate coach who is always approachable with a friendly and positive attitude”

Patrick Spinks

“I was amazed at how accurate my profile was, some of this I already knew about myself and how I worked, but I had not considered the impact on others. This awareness has helped me adapt my communication style and I am working and communicating better with colleagues. I wish I had done this years ago.” 

JW Honiton

“As a manager, Aline encouraged her team to embrace every challenge, solve every issue and she led by example. Aline is a natural coach and leader helping her team to deal with any issue by identifying the correct pathway to the ultimate goal and succeeding using your own strengths and abilities.” 

Adam Colman