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The savings are being delivered and the process is painless.

Smarti Environmental Solutions.

Since entering the market in 2016 Smarti have taken the concept of water free technology to new levels. By developing the product range, undertaking exhaustive laboratory testing and finding new market sectors Smarti has developed a business model that guarantees any customer that by becoming environmentally focused it can save costs by making reductions in both its water usage and CO2 emissions. Introducing water free technology into a male washroom also creates a much cleaner and hygienic facility.

From humble beginnings Smarti now have a client base incorporating the National Health Service, the Educational Sector and Sports stadiums. It is now focusing heavily on Devon and Cornwall where water rates are the highest in the country and savings can be made right through from the smallest pub to the largest hotel.

The whole process is beautifully simple. The installation of the valve (pictured here) and the amendments to the plumbing can be done without any significant disruption to your business and you will see the benefits on the receipt of your next water bill.

Our growing customer base is delighted with the impact Smarti’s technology is having. The savings are being delivered and the process is painless. This is what they say about us:

Growing green together…

Smarti is delighted to partner with Grow Green as we both care passionately about the environment. We are delighted that saving water is high amongst Grow Green’s core principles. The world heard about Cape Town running out of water earlier this year. We have known about human disasters linked to water supply in parts of our planet for years now. News is closer to home this summer with the glorious weather leading to appeals for hosepipe bans and water rationing hitting the news every day.

Smarti’s core focus is to save UNNECESSARY WATER and thereby not to have to worry about these issues above. We are also focused on CO2 emissions and our technology as well as saving water also reduces the damage to the atmosphere caused via traditional washrooms. Hygiene is high on our priorities.


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