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 Made to last and built to the most stringent British and European safety standards.


We are Vigo Presses. We have been helping people make the most of their fruit since 1984, but in recent years we have expanded our range to include many other goods to help people create a wide variety of produce. We pride ourselves on quality, from robust cast iron to sustainable beech and top-notch stainless steel, all of our presses and crushers are food compatible, made to last and built to the most stringent British and European safety standards.  At Vigo Presses we are always looking to go above and beyond our customers’ expectations, not only with our products but with our advice and guidance, but by building a support system for anyone that wants to turn the fruit in their garden into something special.

Although a key stakeholder, it is not just our customers we consider. The impact that our organisation has on the environment is at the forefront of our thoughts when considering operational decisions. The cardboard we send goods to customers in, has been recovered and recycled from somewhere else in our logistical process. Our plastic usage is kept to a minimum, tasks such as shrink wrapping are carried out by hand instead of by a machine to reduce the amount being used. Staff are encouraged to work from home where possible, for example our marketing assistant ensures she only comes in when she needs access to the company computers, to reduce the carbon footprint of our organisation.

In all areas we can, we source locally. For example, using the printers on our estate for marketing materials and labels. Not only does this reduce the miles travelled by goods we purchase, it supports the local economy and encourages growth in our region. Furthermore, we partner with local communities through sponsorship and equipment lending for apple days etc and as we feel it is vital to give back the societies in which we operate. Furthermore, back in May we stopped printing invoices and now email these to our customers. Further cutting back on paper usage is currently under review and we aim to reduce this amount significantly over the next few months.

By becoming a part of Grow Green, we are accepting a challenge to pursue this even further. We are already doing so much but we are fully committed to doing more. We want to encourage other businesses to tackle this with us and embrace a greener, smarter future. Therefore, we are supporting ‘Grown Green’: because introducing environmental improvements could make a significant difference to the future of our planet.





Growing green together…

We are hugely excited to be part of the green movement in the South West.


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