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Betwixt was established in 2016, as a small local business, specialising in organic, therapeutic and zero waste hand-made aromatherapy products. Two years before the ‘zero waste boom’ of 2018, Betwixt was offering discounted refills to market customers, reducing packaging waste, with all packaging being either glass, pottery, aluminium or compostable cellophane. Using the therapeutic properties of organic essential oils, coupled with other naturally derived organic ingredients such as Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter, Betwixt offers a specialist range for a unique bathing, skincare, home and pet cleaning experience.

Betwixt customers are a loyal bunch, returning time after time for their Devonian, hand-made to order, organic treats. Customer favourites include products such as skin nourishing balms, made using the owner, Zoe’s, personal recipe. Whether the skin issue is eczema, acne or one just craves a decent close shave, Betwixt has the balm for you! Therapeutic bath and foot soaks are also a firm favourite – particularly with customers who have difficult conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis or emotional conditions such as anxiety and stress related illnesses. Aromatherapy can be a useful support alongside conventional medical intervention – although Zoe always reminds customers to check with their healthcare practitioner first, before using aromatherapy for its therapeutic benefits.

The fair trade and ‘product miles’ credentials are excellent, with Zoe sourcing all her ingredients from either local Devon suppliers or just up the road in South Wales, with all of the ingredients coming from either empowering women’s cooperatives, fair trade operations or ecologically sustainable sources. Zoe can often be seen taking smaller orders to her retail outlets on the local buses, and Zoe operates without a fuel-chugging vehicle, either for personal or business use.

Where products need to be posted out to customers, Betwixt reuses only recycled or recyclable packaging such as brown paper, cardboard boxes and any ‘second-hand’ bubble wrap Zoe can get her hands on. It does mean parcels aren’t brandishing a shiny corporate logo – but what else does one do with a perfectly usable cereal box besides chucking it in the recycling bin?

Betwixt is committed to making the most of the ‘make do and mend’ and zero-waste ethos. Gift packaging will often include repurposed packaging, such as candles made from rediscovered jars, scraps of cotton material and ribbon and will be made up using compostable elements. Every Betwixt bottle can be reused limitless times and even the legally required product labels disintegrate into nothing. This has always been the Betwixt way, long before David Attenborough made it a global phenomenon. Zoe believes though, that this ethos does not have to come at the cost of a little bit of comfort. Betwixt proves that you can have organic luxury and make time for essential self-care, without costing the planet. After all, ‘Betwixt’ in Olde English means ‘in the middle or in-between’ – no need for a hemp tunic and a life of spoon whittling in the forest to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle with Betwixt…

Growing green together…

We look forward to working with the Grow Green initiative in order to build on and develop in practical ways the sustainable approach that we have adopted to date, and to promote environmentally sustainable working methods to our clients and within our local community.


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