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A leading provider of Solar Power Systems in the South West
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A long established team of installers working towards bringing affordable renewable energy systems to your home and business.

Welcome to Rudge Energy

As well as being a leading provider of Solar Power Systems in the South West, we can provide you with solutions to keep your ever growing power bills low.  With up to a 15% electricity price rise in 2017 alone and more rises to come soon, if you already have a Solar PV system, this year is  the time add some form of storage to make the most of that excess power that’s simply escaping out onto the grid.. Your PV system generated it, so try and keep it!


Energy Storage update

We install in the South West for a variety of Energy Storage systems. 2017 has seen some good breakthrough’s in technology, not only with versatile smaller sizes but great pricing that makes the Tesla look really out of date and overpriced! Now that Li-Ion battery technology has come down in price as well as size, old lead acid technology is now been replaced with smaller, neater and long lasting Lithium technology. Click Here for our Energy Storage page for Victron ESS, Powervault & SoFar Solar

Off Grid Power

For so many situations where mains electricity is either not available or far too expensive to get installed, we can offer a design and installation package. From running lights & TV in a caravan or a remote telecoms site, right through to containerised power systems for a remote house or business. See our specialist OFF GRID website.


Store your Exported Power as Hot Water!

We supply and install power diverter devices, these units divert your excess PV generation from being exported onto the grid, to storing as useful hot water in your existing hot water cylinder. We supply the Solar iBoost and Solic200. All of which have their own aspects that will fit in with your PV installation. Click here for the main page


Solar PV installations

The Feed in Tariff rate has been reduced at the start of this year, but we are seeing that for anyone who has uses power, especially during the day, installing a PV system will reduce the ongoing running cost
s considerably. With future huge price rises in energy already starting, coupled with far lower PV panels costs, getting solar PV installed is the most cost effective method of reducing your power bills. For more information see our SOLAR PV pages


Commercial Solar PV systems

Ideal to offset high power bills, something that is becoming really important for many businesses. See our Commercial PV page for more information.

As well as competitive installation costs on a wide variety of roof types, we offer upgrades to existing systems to provide better annual output and monitoring to reassure you your system is performing at it’s best.

Growing green together…

Signing up for Grow Green is a great step towards a greener and more sustainable future for your business and for the Exeter community. We can all make changes and, with support from each other, we can make them count.


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